The Best Dog Toys Reviews [Buying Guide Inside]

By Kathryn Ratledge

Your dog is your relief. And whereas he actually enjoys your bond a full heap, he desires his own amusement too. A bit like your youngsters, your pup might grow in and from toys, thus it’s necessary to think about Fido’s desires once creating an acquisition. The key’s to search out a toy he merely can’t place down, that’s safe and sturdy against teeth and nails.

As like a dog owner, it’s necessary to grasp not solely the physical edges of the breather for your pet however additionally the intellectual edges of interaction among them. Best Dog Toys square measure an excellent thanks to giving this ideal stimulation whereas additionally payment time along with your dog and cordial the bond you’ve got with them.

Which is that the Best Toy?

While your dog would seemingly select each one of those toys as their favorite, selecting the proper one is up to you. Solely you recognize your dog’s choice and dislikes furthermore as their damaging tendencies. As an instance, if you’ve got a dog UN agency likes to play ball after a Nylabone isn’t about to do the trickery.

If, however, you’ve got a dog that glorifies plush toys, however, will get a bit anxious then the external Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Dog sport may well be the proper selection for you. If you retain your dog’s favoritism in mind, you won’t get it wrong with any of those dog toy choices.

Best Dog Toys for 2019

If you’re searching for a basic however dog-favorite toy, the Kong can’t be beating. You’ll be able to select the Kong thing act Dispensing Dog Toy as a result of it suits closely each pup, and maintain dogs pleased for hours. The Kong stands up since extreme put on and comes during a kind of sizes and capacity for puppies up with older-aged dogs.

The Kong is often crammed with treats, and looking at your dog’s organic process desires, will even give a full food with a facet of fun. It’s made up of rubber, and also the massive size is regarding seven.5″ tall. Many house owners fulfill the Kong along frozen paste for long hot days or use it to stay dogs pleased for some hours throughout the workday. Finally, you can’t fail along the Kong.

The Importance of the Dog Toys

  • Exercise

Exercise is that the primary cause why several dog homeowners appoint in toys. Having a ball to cast for a dog favor not solely to stay exercise forbidding however conjointly creates it fun for each the dog and therefore the owner. Exercise could be a crucial a part of having a healthful dog as a result of while not enough exercise a dog will become corpulent and spill prey to the variety of sicknesses. Fat in dogs could be serious care not solely because of associated accrued risk for diseases like the polygenic disease, however, additionally as a result of it puts the further clasp on their joints and their inward organs.

  • Intellectual Stimulation

All dogs need exercise not solely to assist to {stay} them at a strong weight however additionally to make sure that they stay excited. Despite being “domestic,” dogs will simply lose interest. There’s a proverb that a “tired dog could be a sensible dog” and this is often significantly true for operating breeds cherish border collies. While not enough intellectual stimulus dogs will become harmful, disobedient and extreme not possible to handle. With a mix of exercise and knowing stimulation, however, it’s doable for even the foremost high energy dog to rest.

  • Bonding

Dogs area unit pack animals naturally, and that they have a desire to bond with alternative members of their group and feel operable. A good thanks to bond together with your dog is to have interaction in leisure time that includes their beloved toys. Not solely will your dog enjoy the time you pay along bonding, however researchers get found a tested link between higher body and dog owners!

Toys also are a good thanks to cheering up bonding in many-dog households. If you have got over one dog, toys will encourage interactive taking part in and facilitate dogs to bond with one another furthermore to perceive their place within the hierarchy of the house.

  • Dental Health

Dental health may be a troublesome concern for several dog homeowners. It’s crucial since a dog’s overall body to possess clean tooth. Pathetic dental hygiene will cause deficiency disease likewise as infections, default and unhealthy breath. Rubbing a dog’s teeth are often notably troublesome, particularly along dogs that don’t wish to have their teeth clean.

Surgical cleanings are often notably troublesome likewise to they involve a big money burden and swing your dog underneath physiological state. An excellent thanks to prospering dental health and scale back the requirement for surgical cleanup, however, is to speculate in toys that area unit designed to wash teeth as your dog games. These toys cheer chew that stimulates spit and favor to fall plaque and scale back its prevalence.


Most Recommended Dog Toys

1. Kong Indestructible Dog toy – Best Rated Overall


Cozies Indestructible Dog toy from Kong

There are many different toys on the market, all of which your dog would enjoy playing with. However, today, one that is really standing out from the crowd for us due to the look would be Cozies Indestructible Dog toy from Kong.

About Kong

When you purchase a toy for your dog, it wouldn’t hurt to first learn about the company that created it, would it? We believe Kong has a really cool story nesting behind it – take a look …

Kong is a company that develops, designs, and produces a line of pet products, specifically for dogs and cats. Their headquarters is in the state of Colorado. They are well known for their snowman-like chew toys for dogs, often referred to as “Kong.”

This company was founded by Joe Markham back in the 70s. He came up with the idea when Fritz, his German shepherd started to damage his teeth from chewing on rocks (yes, dogs are known for chewing on these type of things).  He discovered that his dog loved chewing on some other hard things. And that is when he spent a total of six years experimenting with different material in order to produce a chew toy that dogs would love. A friend then stated that the toy he developed looked like “an earplug for King Kong” and that is how the name was given.

Originally, Kong dog toy products were mostly sold in Japan, Israel, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Japan. But in the mid-1980s, they started to gain popularity in the United States. Kong is renowned as Best Dog Toys maker in recent.

What Are Kong Cozies?

Kong Cozies sure are adorable, aren’t they? So adorable that you may have a hard time giving it to your dog, but your dog deserves something adorable like this. These are basically plush toys that are made out of an extra layer of material in order to make it extra tough – it wouldn’t have the “Kong” name behind it if it weren’t tough. Kong, as you may know, is well known for designing tough toys.

The Kong Cozie Indestructible Dog toy is cute, soft and cuddly and is perfect for playing a game of fetch or letting your pet snuffle up on it.

Available in Different Characters

Kong ultimate toys are available in a variety of cute characters – if your dog is lucky enough, you could buy all of the characters for him, but he’d be fine with one at a time. Here’s a list of the Kong Cozies:

  • Ali the Alligator
  • Baily the Blue Dog
  • Buster the Squirrel
  • Elmer the Elephant
  • Floppy the Rabbit
  • King the Lion
  • Spunky the Monkey
  • Tupper the Lamb

With all of those cute faces, it’s hard for us to pick out a favorite because we like them all.


  • Squeaks in order to help entice play (many dogs seem to love the squeaking noise)
  • Not created for chew sessions, but they are perfect to play fetch with
  • Minimal filling means minimal mess
  • An extra layer of material added in order to increase strength.

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2. Trixie Activity Chess Dog Toy

Trixie Activity Chess Toy

Deciding what type of dog toy you should buy for your pup isn’t exactly a decision that is easy to make. In this day and age, there are thousands of options, all touting their own benefits – dental protection, durability, or just simple cuteness. Over time, as their four-legged friend grows up, most owners are able to gain a better understanding of what their dog prefers.

There are times where after a large amount of research on a specific toy. You finally decide to buy it only to find that your dog barely touches it and finds the box more entertaining than the actual too. If you have the type of dog that is curious, then the Activity Chess Dog Toy might be a good option for them.

What is Activity Chess?

The activity chess, as it sounds, is one of the best dog toys for occupying your four-legged friend during those times that you’re not able to play with him. It has four cones and numerous holes that you can hide treats inside. In order to receive his reward (the treat), your dog will need to remove those cones and slide those sliders. As an added benefit, this activity chess dog toy comes with a one year warranty.

  • Material

This Dog Puzzle Toy contains plastic material that seems to be very sturdy. The pegs are heavy, but not too heavy. We like the sliders because they work very smoothly.

  • Is it Noisy?

We noticed individuals online asking if the product was too noisy. From what we have read, if you put it on the carpet for your dog to play with, it’s not noisy at all.

Also, another concern you may have would be the parts being too small to swallow. Fortunately, with this toy, there aren’t any small parts to swallow. The only thing your dog can swallow would be the small treats you put in the toy, which your dog needs to learn.

  • Teach the Skills

In order to prevent your dog from getting confused and frustrated, you should teach your dogs the skills. If you simply put it down for your dog to try to figure out, they may get frustrated and lose interest in the toy.  Teaching and practicing one section at a time will do the trick and before you know it It will be fun and entertaining each time your dog plays with it. This is great for dogs that enjoy finding treats under things (what dog doesn’t like doing this?).

  • Levels

This game consists of four separate levels.

  • One: Lift up cones. The design prevents the cones from being knocked over.
  • Two: Move multiple sliders using paws and nose in order to reveal the treat compartments.
  • Three: Stack on a second row of sliders that need to be moved in the opposite directions from the first.
  • Four: Place the cones between the sliders and use them as stoppers.
  • The toy has non-slip rubber feet on the bottom in order to keep the game in place.

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3. Kyj Toy Hide A Squirrel Toy

Kyj Toy Hide A Squirrel Toy

When our dog is ready to play (when isn’t he?), he gives that look. Surely, if you have a dog, you know the look we’re talking about. The “play with me right now, or I’m going to explode,” type of look …similar to the “take me outside so I can chase some squirrels,” look. What’s funny is dogs have a tendency to come to you during times that aren’t exactly convenient.

During times like that, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to occupy them with a squirrel? Not a real squirrel (they could only wish for that), but a toy squirrel. In this case, we’re going to introduce you to Kyjen’s Hide-A-Squirrel (say hello to our little friend ).

Kyj Hide-A-Squirrel Description

The Squirrel Dog Toy is an interactive dog toy that is capable of keeping your dog interested in stimulating for a long period of time all by themselves. While it is fun to play and interact with dogs (they definitely need this from their family), on the same note. We are not always available and that is when this dog toy will come into play.


The Squirrel Dog Toy is a stuffed toy that consists of three tiny squirrels. And a plush tree stump – the three squirrels hide inside of it. You’re supposed to “hide” the squirrels inside the stump and watch your dog have fun. They try to figure out how to get to the squirrels. This dog toy will bring about so many laughs.

Thinking about it, having the dog pull a stuffed squirrel out of a tree stump is a process that sounds easy. However, it is easy to say than done, trust us. This is an activity that could lead to hours of play for your dog, seriously.


The toy is available in a couple of sizes. We like the Jumbo size since we have large dogs The Jumbo size is around 8” x 8” x 8”.

Apart from the squirrel, looking at the market, we find some other varieties available. For Example, Hide-A-Bird (this consists of hiding the bird in a birdhouse), Hide-A-Bee (this consists of hiding a bee in a beehive) and Egg Babies (Platypus with eggs). So if you don’t want to get the plush squirrel, you have other options to go for. But we honestly believe your dog will like the squirrel most of all. Because what dog doesn’t enjoy looking/chasing squirrels?

Reading what others have to say about this product, with phrases such as “our dog loves this toy.” We Found that dogs are quite satisfied with it, and so are their owners. When the toy isn’t being used for its intended purposes, some dogs may want to carry the stump around and lay down with it. This is a high-quality pet squirrel and it feels durable for a stuffed dog toy.  We also like to use the squirrels for fetch and at the end of the day, hiding the squirrels around the house is pretty fun.

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4. Game Changer Ultimate Toy for Dogs

Game Changer Ultimate Toy for Dogs

If you’re like us, you probably like buying your dog new toys. The minute our furry friends find out we got them a toy, that tail starts to wag like never before. Dogs are so easy to please. But that doesn’t mean you should just hand them a ball and go about your day, not when there are so many amazing toys to choose from. Best Dog Toy that is sticking out in our mind today which is called Game Changer. Have you heard of this dog toy? It’s pretty neat!

What is the Game Changer?

The Game Changer is the type of dog toy that will be sure to keep your dog busy for a long period of time. All you have to do is open up the Game Changer and fill it with tiny treats. It is simple to open up for humans, but challenging for your four-legged friends. Once you give this toy to them, they will be occupied as they figure out how to make this toy spill all of the delicious treats.

What Type of Dog is the Game Changer for?

While the Game Changer would make a great toy for every dog on the block. It is especially good for those dogs that need to be kept occupied due to anxiety or boredom. A toy with a treat stuffed inside it is a great way to help your dog get over boredom. Many times, boredom is the cause of behavioral issues for dogs such as anxiety or destructive behavior.

As a good rule of the thumb, with this toy, or any other toy, you should supervise your dog with it.


Made in the USA

This Dog toy was proudly made in the USA, which is something many of you will be happy about. The toy is made of Flexi-Pure, which is a soft, yet sturdy material. It is washable (not dishwasher safe, hand wash only).  If you live in an apartment or you have hardwood floors. This is the best dog toy to use because it is made of soft material.


The Toy is a safe and fun method to use in order to satisfy that natural desire to chew. This toy is better for your dog’s teeth than those hard toys that could wear their teeth down or chip them.


The Toy is available in a variety of colors – you have Blue, Red, Lime Green, and Yellow to choose from. Personally, we like the red one because, in our dog’s eyes, that one really stands out.


The current size is good for dogs that are fifteen pounds and up. If you have a smaller breed of a dog like a Chihuahua. They may not be strong enough to play with this toy. But we will let you decide what’s right and what’s wrong with your dog because you never know.

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5. West Paw Chew Proof Dog Toy

Tizzi by West Paw

We’re not sure if you have noticed lately, but there are some interesting shaped indestructible dog toys. Despite it all, though, we don’t think any company does it better than West Paw. Looking at their toys, it seems as if they really have a talent for creating toys that keep dogs mentally stimulated during play time. West Paw provides cheap dog toys with good quality. When we first came across the Tizzi by West Paw, we just had to get our paws on it!

An Introduction to Tizzi

The Tizzi is a good toy that comes from West Paw in the line of Zogoflex dog toys. If you’re not familiar with West Paw, Zogoflex is a strong and pliable material that is used to create the Best dog chew toy. It is non-toxic, buoyant, washable, and recyclable.

The Tizzi is shaped to look like a pair of legs (at least, that’s how we would describe it). The two “legs” can be pulled, flexed and twisted …and we all know how much dogs like doing this. In the center of the toy, there’s even an interesting compartment where you can hide the dogs treats.

The Best Chew Proof Dog Toy is available in 3 colors and 2 different sizes.

Unique Shape

With the unique shape, it’s obvious that there are some interesting play possibilities. You can twist the two legs together or leave them apart when playing with your dog. The Tizzi is a great durable dog toy to play fetch with and it will bounce about unpredictably – dogs seem to love this.

When you twist the legs together, you can throw them in a spiral that reminds us of the popular Nerf Vortex footballs. This technique also helps the treat in the center stay in place. Plus, you’ll have fun watching your dog try to figure out how to get that treat out.

When you separate the legs, the toy makes a great tug-of-war toy.  This toy can even float in the water, which is good news if your dog enjoys playing in the water.

Easy to Clean

The material it is made from (ZogoFlex) makes it easy to clean. If you have ever played with a dog before (and we are sure you have), you would understand that this is a good option because once a dog is done with their toy, it will come back to you all slobbery and if they played with it outside, it’ll have dirt caked on it. Being able to wash it is a major bonus in our book.

If you’re looking for the best chew proof dog toy that will keep your dog interested for a long period of time, then the Tizzi would be a great option.

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6. Hueter Toledo Indestructible Toy

Hueter Toledo Indestructible Toy

When it comes time to destroy things, have you noticed how dogs know all about it? What’s funny is, when a dog destroys something, he/she does not see it as destroying, they view it as fun. What’s fun to them, however, may not be as fun for you as you have to clean up their mess.

How many times have you purchased a dog toy, only to turn around and find it shredded up all over the floor, with the squeaker in the dog’s mouth?  Once the dog has officially scattered the toy everywhere, they feel as if their mission is complete. The good news is, there are plenty of toys you can get your dog that they cannot destroy. Some of the toys were made to endure the hard chewing of dogs.

Not only are these toys good for your dog. They are designed to be safe for your pet to chew on. As a matter of fact, since your dog will not be able to rip off pieces from the toy. You don’t need to worry about it being swallowed, regardless of how strong their jaws are.

When thinking about a toy that is indestructible and designed specifically for dogs, our mind immediately jumps to the Virtually Indestructible Dog Toy Ball if you have a dog that loves to chew, making it hard to find a good toy for him, then this would be a good one to put to the test, because from what we have read, no one has reported their dog ripping this one up.

Keep Your Dog Busy

The Best Indestructible Dog Ball was designed to keep your four-legged friend busy throughout the day. With this type of toy, your dog can chase the ball all around as it is large and rolls on the ground, while you do whatever you like to do during the day.  The worse your dog can do to this ball would leave marks on the ball, which won’t cause any harm. Apart from that, there’s nothing else they can do.


With a dog toy that is indestructible, it must be made from some pretty tough material, right? This ball is made of thick polyethylene plastic. Don’t worry, because it’s non-toxic, so it’s safe for your dog to play with. Material like this is gorilla tough.

Different Colors

When it comes time to buy the Best Indestructible Dog Ball, there are a variety of different colors that you can choose from. Regardless of the color, if you have a playful dog that loves balls, he’s going to find this one quite attractive and won’t want to take his paws off of it.

Different Sizes

Apart from different colors to choose from, this ball is also available in 4 different sizes:

  • 5 inches (the smallest)
  • 6 inches
  • 10 inches
  • 14 inches (the biggest)

If you have a large dog, you would obviously want to go for the 14-inch ball, while a small dog like a Chihuahua could use the 4.5-inch ball.

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7. Tuffy Dog Toy – Best Durable

Tuffy Durable dog toy

When our dog is happy, that makes us happy. Finding the best toy for your four-legged friend is an important task that you should really think about. The right toy can entertain, comfort and even train your dog. But on the same note, it is important that you have their safety in mind as well.

Choosing size-appropriate toys will help keep your doggy happy and healthy. Speaking of toys, did you see the Tuffy Dragon durable dog toy? We believe this may be something that your dog will be interested in, especially if he/she likes to chew on things.

  • Does Not Contain a Squeaker

Mind you, Tuffy dog toy does not contain a squeaker, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, is it? The reason it doesn’t contain any squeakers is that it’s too thick. So your dog wouldn’t even be able to make them squeak if there were any. Many people like the fact that it doesn’t contain a squeaker. Because then they don’t have to worry about their dog ripping the toy apart and chewing on the squeaker itself (as if they would be able to rip this one apart as it is).

  • Washable

This is the type of toy you cannot go wrong with. It’s washable and a great way to bring your dog back to reality.

  • Great for Indoors and Outdoors

The Tuffy Dragon is great for both indoors and outdoors. It’s durable, with soft edges, so it’s not going to hurt your furry friend’s gums. Regardless, the good news is the fact that your dog isn’t going to grow tired of this amazing new toy.

  • Large in Size

Yes, the Tuffy Dog Toys are big in size, so it may not be suitable for a small dog like a Yorkie. However, a big dog, like a pit bull, German Shepherd or even a Labrador may love this toy.

  • Toughest Soft Dog Toy Available

The company has labeled this the “tuffest” soft dog toy currently available and there are many people that would agree with this. There are customers that have purchased this toy for their dog because they got tired of their furry friend tearing up every toy they got them. This Indestructible dog toy contains up to four layers of material – material that is bonded and sewn multiple times in order to make one large “tuff” layer. This is why dogs find it a challenge to chew up (it’s merely impossible to break). For added durability, the fleece on the outside of the toy has been cross-stitched (that’s good news).

  • Use of the Water

If you have the type of dog that loves the water (our dog loves swimming), then you’ll love how this can be tossed into the water without having to worry about it. We were happy when we discovered this toy actually floats, then when you’re done. You can machine wash it, then air dries it.

*** If you have a dog that is destructive and loves chewing his/her toys up, then we highly recommend this one right here. With the Tuffy Dragon, your dog will find it challenging as they try to rip into it, only to discover they’re not able to. This toy will keep your dog occupied for days.


8. West Paw Interactive Puzzle Dog Toy

West Paw Puzzle Toy

When your dog becomes bored in his environment, he may end up getting into trouble. During those rainy days, when you can’t take your dog outside to play, you need something that will capture his attention and take that boredom away. There are many interactive dog toys currently available on the market, some of them good, some of them not so interesting. Speaking in interesting, have you introduced your pet to the West Paw Toppl Dog Puzzle Feeder?

What is the Toppl?

The Toppl is an interactive dog toy that comes to us from West Paw Design. It’s a rugged, cup-shaped toy that is much more than a toy! You can use it for fetching and treat dispensing and at the end of the day, you can let your dog chew on it. We personally love the fact that the Toppl can be transformed into a neat little puzzle that you can use in order to challenge your dog’s problem-solving skills. Have you ever let your dog play with a puzzle? It’s quite interesting to see exactly how smart they are with their problem-solving skills – our dogs never cease to amaze us.

Tough Material

If you have a powerful chewer, we understand if you’re concerned with the material this toy is made from – that is our concern when we buy dog toys as well because we have a powerful chewer in our house. However, rest assured, the Best Interactive Puzzle Dog Toy is almost impossible to tear up. This is because the Toppl is made from Zogoflex. Are you familiar with this material? To date, it is one of the toughest dog toys materials currently on the market. Not only is it the toughest, but it’s also the safest, so you don’t have much to worry about.

ZogoFlex is:

  • Flexible
  • Ultra Tough
  • BPA-Free
  • Non-Toxic
  • FDA Compliant
  • Phalate-Free
  • Buoyant
  • Dishwasher Safe


The Shape

The Toppl is available in a total of 2 different shapes and 3 really vibrant colors. You have a small and large Toppl to choose from. The large one measures 4” in height and diameter, while the small one measures 3” in height and diameter. If you have a large dog, you’ll obviously want to go for the 4” product.

The easiest way to describe the shape of the Best Interactive Puzzle Dog Toy would be that it looks a lot like a cup that has a rounded bottom. The toy isn’t able to stand up on its own, which is where the name “Toppl” comes into play, obviously.

The Inside

On the inside of the toy, there’s a series of ribs that fan out from the center. Those ribs are there in order to hold the dog treats of your choice and create a challenge for your four-legged best friend.

An Interesting Feature

What’s really interesting about the design feature is the fact that you can take the small Toppl and place it on the top of the large Toppl. This technique will create a challenging puzzle toy that your dog can solve. Each Toppl has a small hole on the side, which is where the treats come out.

**** The Toppl just so happens to be one of the most versatile dog toys currently on the market. Not only is it a great product to use for treat dispensing, but you can also use a small and a large one in order to create a puzzle for your dog. It is capable of floating and bouncing, making it an ideal toy to play fetch with indoor and out.

Most of all, it is created from material (ZogoFlex) that is extremely tough, so the Toppl should be able to survive through your dog’s chewing, but as usual, whenever your dog has a toy, make sure you watch them closely.

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9. Nerf Dog Flyer Toy

Nerf Dog Flyer Toy

As a child, do you recall Nerf? They made some of our favorite toys back then, so when we saw the name “Nerf” pop up on dog toys, it immediately captured our attention. In this case, we are talking about the Nerf Dog Flyer, which dogs (especially those that love playing fetch) seem to really love.

Apart from the name being “Nerf,” what really made this toy stand out was the fact that it seemed extra durable and the design looked simple. Nerf Durable Dog Toys are popular to the Pup lovers.

The Material

Since it is made by Nerf, it’s safe to expect the toy to be made out of tough material. This Dog toy is made of thermoplastic rubber and you will have a variety of different colors to choose from. In this review, we went for the large orange disc (it’s 10 inches in diameter). The Frisbee is about .25 thick and it is able to retain its shape under normal circumstances. But at the same time, it is flexible enough so that you can easily bend it.

The Pattern

The disc has a pattern that is uniquely cut, making for an interesting flight pattern. The cut pattern also makes it easy for your dog to carry in his mouth.

Great for Long Range

If your dog loves to run, then distance is important when it comes to a Frisbee. The range of the Nerf Dog Frisbee is astonishing and will depend on how hard you throw it. The disc can travel far. In fact, we don’t recall ever seeing a Frisbee that could be tossed as far as this one. This gives the opportunity for your dog to really get up on their speed while they’re fetching the disc. This disc, however, doesn’t have a lot of hang time like some of the other lighter weight discs. So it is not exactly designed to be caught in the air, but your dog probably won’t mind this.


If a dog really loves a toy, it’s only a matter of time before the toy starts to show the appearance of being loved. There are some canvas material discs on the market and those are quite nice. But after some time, they start to fray. The Nerf Dog Flyer is made of flexible plastic, which stands up well to those teeth.


We must also mention the fact that this toy is capable of floating. So, if your dog loves the water, this would be the toy to use.

Easy to Clean

The rubber doesn’t collect as much dirt as you’d expect and when it does, it can easily be wiped down. We love the idea of being able to clean it because these type of toys have a habit of becoming dirty and slobbery.

Nerf Flyer Details in Short

  • Color: Yellow
  • Nerf Dog TPR Flyer 10-Inch
  • Great toy for your favorite pooch
  • Made of durable materials
  • Package Contents: 1 x Nerf TPR Flyer Yellow.

*** It is pretty safe to assume that if your dog enjoys playing fetch and has a thing for Frisbees, he would love this Nerf dog flyer. The Nerf Frisbee is super easy for your dog to pick up and at the end of the day, it’s super easy to clean.  The prolonged flight path is another major bonus as it allows your dog the opportunity to really get up and burn off some of that extra doggy energy.

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10. Puller Training Collar

Puller Training Collar

If you have a dog, chances are, you already realize that he is a part of your family. This special family member just so happens to love playing, but we’re sure you have already noticed this – you may even have a box full of toys for your dog. What about the Puller dog toy – does this sound familiar to you? When we spoke to the friend of ours the other day (he’s a major dog enthusiast), we couldn’t believe that he had never heard of the Puller dog toy and that is when we decided to spread the word (because it’s such a cool toy, we believe others should know about it.

What is the Puller Dog Toy?

The Puller is made of 2 durable, yet soft rings that are made of the unique material (the material is non-toxic, resilient and tough, but on the same note, it’s also really gentle on teeth). The Puller is naturally buoyant due to its lightweight, making it perfect for use in the water.

Puller Dog Toy is available in 2 sizes. The mini size is 7.5 inches in diameter, while the standard size is 11 inches in diameter.

The Design

The design is really unique and is design with a dog’s well-being and health in mind. At first glance, it appears to be a normal dog toy, but in all actuality, there are more functions to it than just an exercise toy. Exercise is important for our dog as it helps keep them both physically and mentally fit.

The Best Pet Toy by puller recommends the following activities with this toy:

  • Jumping– Basically, you hold a Puller in each hand without releasing. One Puller is held out for the dog to jump up and grab. After a release command, you hold the other Puller out to be grabbed. You repeat this process over and over. This helps your dog get his exercise while learning.
  • Running – The nice round shape of the toy makes it perfect for rolling and throwing outside. If you have a dog that loves a game of fetch, then he’s going to love this toy. When the dog returns back to you with the toy, you can take the second Puller and toss it again – this is a constant motion and in our opinion is much better than the normal “toss-fetch-retrieve-drop-wait-fetch” cycle. This keeps your dog at a nice pace for a longer period of time, which comes in handy if you have limited space.
  • Pulling – This involves the old-fashioned game of tug of war …what dog doesn’t enjoy playing tug of war? Our dog seemed to really enjoy that gentle “squish” of the Puller and what we really like about it was the fact that we didn’t have to worry about it damaging his teeth. Tug of war is a nice exercise for dogs and it helps them work for their important muscle groups.

Different Ways to Use the Puller

When it comes to using the Puller, there are so many different ways that your dog can use it, which will help keep your dog mentally stimulated for a longer period of time.  The Puller can be used inside, outside, in the water or wherever you feel is safe.

*** Active dogs need active toys! The Puller Dog Toy is designed from a unique material that is capable of standing up for pulling and biting, which is why it has been labeled one of the toughest dog toys on the blog. It isn’t a chew toy, so when you’re done playing with it, you should put it up. If you’re looking for a good toy to play with your dog, then this would be a suitable option.

Safety Information

Do Not Leave the dog alone with Puller, because the dog will quickly chew it.

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11. Starmark Bob-A-Lot Toy – Cheap Dog Toy

 Starmark Bob-A-Lot Toy

At some point in their lives, every dog needs a dog toy, but what do you do in order to find the best dog toy for your furry friend? Some dogs love chewing on toys as they are puppies as they require oral fixation to help them as they’re teething. Then, you have other dogs that love playing fetch until they’re past their senior years.

Depending on your dog’s size, ages, and toy preference, there are hundreds of different toys currently on the market that you can choose. If you have multiple dogs, it may be hard to find a toy that they both want to play with. If you’re looking for the type of toy that all of your dogs will want to play with, then we recommend the Starmark Bob-A-Lot Cheap Dog Toy. Have you heard about the Bob-A-Lot? If not, we are here to tell you all about it.

The Bob-A-Lot is the type of dog toy that will become a favorite in your home, not just for the dogs, but for you as well. It’s fun watching dogs as they entertain themselves for a long period of time with toys like this.

Simple Design

While it may be a simple design, your dogs may not see it as simple – they will see it as challenging. We say “challenging,” because the design consists of two chambers. The chamber on the top is responsible for storing the dog treats. As your dog is knocking the ball around, the treats will slide out into the second chamber. Don’t worry, because the toy isn’t going to dispense plenty of treats all at one time. The treats are something they actually have to work for.

As your dog continues to play with the toy and knock it around. The treats are eventually going to fall out of the tiny opening that is at the bottom of the toy. The cheap dog toy has a round design and does to this, it does exactly what the name implies – bobs a lot.

Regardless of how your dog plays with it, whether he nuzzles, scratches licks or pushes this toy. It will bob back and forth until your pet is done playing with it.

There’s an opening at the bottom that you can adjust in order to fit most treat sizes or you could use it in order to make the game even more challenging. You see if you choose to make the opening smaller each time your pet plays with this toy. It will make it harder for them to get the treats out.

Makes Your Dog Move Around and Exercise

If you have a “lazy” dog that simply wants to lounge around on the couch all day long. This would be a great toy for your household. Many times, all it takes for a dog to get up off the couch is a nice toy and the treats inside this one will definitely expire almost every lazy dog to exercise. Yes, you could always just give your dog a chew toy. But then, they will just lay on the floor and chew on it.


*** Bob-A-Lot by Starmark is a great toy as it will make your dog exercise inside, without you having to worry about them ripping your house apart. It’s great for cold winter days, muggy hot summer days and those rainy afternoons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to clean dog toys properly

Scrape off visible dirt and rubble. Usage toothbrush to sweeper away any filth, leaves, grass, or food particles. Soak laborious and rubber dog toys in heat, cleanser water. Rinse the dog toys underneath the cold running water. Sanitize dog sport by extent them with the dishwasher. Clean oftentimes.

2. What square measure the dog toys made from?

For instance, the rope toys square measure made up of a hundred recycled cotton yarns, and square measure machine cleanable. They need a range of super cute Scottish terrier dog stuffed toys that square measure additional sturdy and use a filler made up of recycled plastic bottles.

3. Are Kong dog toys safe?

The KONG could be a nontoxic, dishwasher-safe rubber think of a hollow center. Once full of food, it provides dogs with a healthy outlet for his or her natural need to chew and lick. Some square measure created for puppies with baby teeth, some square measure created for normal chewers and a few square measures created for dogs with powerful jaws.

4. Can a Puppy have too several toys?

If you see your pup chew on the lounge, you would like to induce a soft, plush toy in your pup’s mouth. the general public has too several toys obtainable to their puppy. Your puppy will play with one (or two) toys at a time. If you’ve got ten toys to contact your lounge floor, that is too several.

5. Are court game balls noxious to a dog?

More than twenty years gone, some court game balls were found to possess unacceptable levels of lead within the dye of the material coating, and on paper, this might have poisoned dogs. Fashionable court game balls use a secure dye that may not cause any damage.


Final Words

Hopefully, you’re currently equipped with the information and suggestions to assist you to select the right toy for your dog. Safe dog toys have interaction and entertain your pet, however, they very serve a deeper purpose. They’re necessary for your dog’s mental and emotional well-being, and that they will contribute to the good condition, too. Opt for sturdy toys that complement your dog’s temperament to achieve long-lasting edges and a few tail-wagging sensible times.

Best Dog toys are a unit of vital tools for keeping our pets happy and free from dissatisfaction. There also are vital in building that bond we’ve with them. It’s therefore vital that we tend to take the time to review the behavior and characteristics of our dogs thus we’ll be ready to opt for the correct toys for them.

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