Best Wicker Dog Basket – Bone Shaped Toy Box

By Kathryn Ratledge

With all of those toys you plan on buying your dog, you will definitely need a toy box. Why should you get a wicker dog basket? For starters, when you store your dog’s toys in a box and keep them in the same place. He will always know where to go in order to find them. He will also feel special knowing that his possessions he adores the most are protected in his own toy box, away from others. While there are many different toy boxes specifically made for dog toys of all shapes and sizes, one of our favorites is the bone shaped box.

 Wicker Dog Basket

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Who is This Toy Box for?

Simply put – this wicker dog basket is for every dog, especially those that have a lot of toys. If you’re the type that doesn’t like having toys scattered throughout your house, then a dog toy box might just be what you need.

Not only will this box help things stay neat, but it will help put an end to the clutter. What we really like about it would be the fact that it gives you an opportunity to train your dog to put his own stuff away (much like you would train a kid). Most dog owners brag about not only training their four-legged friend to put their toys away on their own but also to fetch them by the name of the toy when it’s time to play.

There are a variety of other benefits to having a special box like this bone-shaped toy box. One important benefit would be how it will help prevent people from tripping over the toys, which can cause a bad accident.

Another benefit is the fact that it will discourage your pup from hiding a sticky toy out of your sight. Only for you to find it later on with all kinds of weird stuff on it that you don’t even want to touch.

When it comes to choosing a wicker dog basket, you have plenty of options and designs to choose from.

Key Points About This Dog Toy Box

In our opinion, we really like this bone-shaped toy box. Here’s some information on it:

  • Measurements: 24×9”
  • Color – The dark espresso color gives that modern look that will fit in with most decor.
  • Handle – There’s a handle to make it easy to carry around when you need to move it.
  • Secure Lid – The lid securely latches in order to keep your dog from opening it up. If you store treats in it, this is a good feature. Because your dog won’t be able to sneak those treats.

What’s cool about this dog toy box would be the fact that it can easily be cleaned with a damp wet cloth or a sponge. When you’re picking out a toy box of any type, it is important that you are able to clean it.

Not only is this a good box for holding toys. It is also great for holding leashes, treats, blankets, or whatever else you need to keep safe for your dog.

Last Words

This wicker dog toy and accessories basket is a great way to keep your dog’s toys organized. With the convenient handle, transporting it or moving it when needed will be easy to do. It can easily store your dog treats, blankets, toys, leashes and much more.

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